Progress without politics

Are we supposed to think this is a good thing, Bloomberg?

This is the vision Mike Bloomberg offers us:

Screen shot 2009-11-02 at 2.02.54 AM

Why not, at the same time: decision without debate! Council without councillors! Might as well do away with elections as well, since all that messy politics stuff just tends to get in the way of our otherwise inevitable progress towards utopia.

Smart suburb planning in NYC, 100 years ago

Forest Hills Gardens, a suburb of NYC, is a 100-year-old model of community planning.

I recently moved to New York City (Brooklyn, to be specific) and in an interesting twist came across a Slate magazine slideshow  (Forest Hills Gardens) via a tweet from one of my favourite Toronto-based publications, Spacing magazine. The article/photo essay details the principles enacted by turn of the 19th-century Forest Hills Gardens community, a suburb 20 minutes from Manhattan that is transit-oriented, walkable, and features mixed-use zoning and a variety of single-family dwellings, from attached to freestanding.

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