Facebook uses browser-specific body classes

Use browser-specific body classes to avoid extra stylesheets or invalid CSS

Having recently worked on a website for which page load and performance was really important, I’ve found myself viewing the source code for more and more sites. Taking a look at Facebook recently revealed that they use browser-specific classes on the body element, so that if you’re browsing with Safari 4, you’ll see something like: Continue reading “Facebook uses browser-specific body classes”

IE6 CSS hacks with WordPress.com

A trick for tweaking the CSS of your Wordpress.com blog for IE6.

I’ve been working on a WordPress.com blog for someone for which the “edit the CSS” upgrade has been purchased, and all has gone swell so far with tweaking the Kubrick theme. A couple !important declarations needed, but no big deal. That is, of course, until “make it work in IE6” time came along.

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