New bike(s)

Picked up my first roadie ever a few weeks ago, with the eventual goal of converting it to a fixed-gear or single speed for use mainly in the winter. But the more I ride it, the more I just want to ride it all the time. I bought it off craigslist via a pleasant exchange with a bike enthusiast in east city, and it’s dangerously fast. I only with it had 700c wheels instead of th 27inchers, which would make modifications a fair bit easier. I’m also probably going to change the handlebars.

Blue devil road bicycle

This supplements my main iron steed, a KHS urban Xpress, bought from one of the city’s better bike shops, the Urbane Cyclist. You’ll notice the front rim (Alexrim) is different from the rear (Weinmann SP-17). That’s because some scumbag stole the front one when I was at a Jays game at the SkydomeRogers Centre.

black KHS urban Xpress

Just last weekend, we came home to find the garage door wide open (not blaming anyone <ahem>downstairsneighbours) and Caitlin‘s brand new silver Kona Dew gone. After raging for a while, we went down to the Toronto Police warehouse where they’re storing all of Igor Kenk’s booty, knowing that the Kona wouldn’t be there but hoping that one of the other two bikes she’s had stolen in the last year and a half might be there. And much to our surprise, we ended up recovering her old Trek cruiser, a little beat up and in need of work, but better than nothing.

If you’ve had a bike stolen in Toronto ever, it’s could very well be worth your time to head down there.

Also, it’s definitely worth your time to register your bike. It’s online, free and takes less than five minutes.