Amazon Web Services start-up tour coming to Toronto

The Amazon Web Services start-up tour is hitting the road from September to November, and stopping in Toronto on September 16.

Amazon Web Services invites you (founders and leaders of start-up/early-stage companies and VCs) to join us on the upcoming AWS Start-Up Tour. Learn how to cut fixed infrastructure costs while increasing reliability and scalability by using the AWS cloud and hear from other successful start-ups about their use of AWS. The half-day event lasts from 2-5pm ending with a cocktail/networking reception from 5-7pm.

I was at the last official AWS presentation in Toronto (last fall, maybe?) and it was decent, though I didn’t stick around for the thing as it was mostly typical “this is why you need to worry about scaling” big picture stuff without a lot of the technical details, but I’m betting that this session will go deeper into solutions and architecture, so I’m looking forward to it.

It’s especially good timing as I’m justing starting to dig into EC2, though I’ve been working with S3 for more than a year.