Saving Gigi — good food, good wifi

A new cafe/resto near Ossington station with good eats and atmosphere.

Saving Gigi (Review on BlogTO, Google maps), a cafe and restaurant at the corner of Bloor and Roxton, makes a great and needed addition to the Ossington neighbourhood, which is generally lacking in good places to work and get a coffee. The coffee is good, as are the sandwiches and salads, and the breakfast smoothies are particularly delicious. The guy who runs it comes across a bit surly, but that only adds to the charm. Continue reading “Saving Gigi — good food, good wifi”

Delicious brunch on Bloor

Went to the newly opened (1month.5 ago according to our server) Disgraceland, located at 965 Bloor W for some delicious brunch. I had their presumably-Elvis-inspired french toast that was stuffed with peanut butter and banana ($12), while my accomplice had the veggie eggs bennie ($10). Both were effing fantastic. The pancakes didn’t even need syrup and the the eggs bennie, which came on fried tomato, was also one of the best I’ve ever had. Service was great and, perhaps most importantly, the coffee didn’t suck. I so rarely have a coffee with breakfast that doesn’t suck and this was damn good coffee.

I thoroughly recommend the place, and disagree in the strongest terms possible with this NOW review.