Susan Sontag: why style is important

Why style is the most important element in a work of art

I love reading things that introduce me to a new way of thinking. To hold a (good) book in your hand is, as Anne Michaels wrote in Fugitive Pieces, to be  “a pilgrim at the gates of a new city.” Susan Sontag‘s Against Interpretation, particularly the opening essays, is exemplary of just such a book.

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Saving Gigi — good food, good wifi

A new cafe/resto near Ossington station with good eats and atmosphere.

Saving Gigi (Review on BlogTO, Google maps), a cafe and restaurant at the corner of Bloor and Roxton, makes a great and needed addition to the Ossington neighbourhood, which is generally lacking in good places to work and get a coffee. The coffee is good, as are the sandwiches and salads, and the breakfast smoothies are particularly delicious. The guy who runs it comes across a bit surly, but that only adds to the charm. Continue reading “Saving Gigi — good food, good wifi”