Schwarzenegger uses Facebook

Arnold’s fan base on Facebook unleashes a torrent of <sarcasm>insightful and witty commentary</sarcasm>

It appears that Arnold Schwarzenegger (of whom I am a “fan” on Facebook, and in real life—at least, of his movies and his environmentalism) has finally started taking advantage of the Facebook fan base he has. Or, at least, someone operating in his name has begun doing so. Unlike @mayormiller, I don’t imagine Ahnold does his own web updating.

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Some useful modifications to Joomla Podcast Suite

Modifying the feed view to display an image, and altering the module to provide easy CSS access

The Podcast Suite is a useful podcasting component (plus plugin and module) for Joomla 1.0 and 1.5. As I recently deployed it on a client’s site, though, I encountered some limitations. While I’m sure these will be addressed in future releases, I decided to share some quick code modifications that others may find useful.

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The Napoleon Dynamite problem

This is an old (If You Liked This, You’re Sure to Love That, Nov ’08) but good article from the New York Times that I read parts of online, but just read in its entirety in the NYT print version. Very interesting discussion of the ability of computers to predict our movie preferences, especially in the cases where computers seem to be able to discern some sort of hidden pattern, opaque to human interpretation, behind our preferences.

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