A Heidegger Poem??

who knew equipmentality was so lyrical

I came across a short poem that I apparently wrote, I don’t exactly remember when. Presumably it was after the summer of 2002 or 2003 which I think was when I read Heidegger’s Being and Time. Relevant excerpt followed by poem:

the less we just stare at the hammer-Thing, and the more we seize hold of it and use it, the more primordial does our relationship to it become, and the more unveiledly is it encountered as that which it is–as equipment (Heidegger, Being and Time p. 98).

You simply must spend less time just staring at that hammer-Thing. Really, it’s ghastly
the way you just waste your time watching it,
as if waiting for it to move.
Let me assure you, that hammer-Thing
isn’t going to animate itself and build us a new deck;
it’s not going to just pick itself up and start hammering in those nails:
me into better living,
and you out of a job!

I’m not really sure what I was thinking when I wrote this, nor what it exactly means to hammer oneself out of a job.

I recall writing some poetry based on Leibniz and possibly also Malebranche at one point. If I find it I will share.

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