Beer in America

Some amazing, good, and not so good beers I’ve tried in my first two weeks in the US

One of my favourite things about living in the States so far is that the bountiful presence of micro-brew beer, and the ease with which it can be obtained. A three-minute walk puts me in the front door of a neighbourhood deli offering some decent standards like Guinness, Red Stripe, and Corona. For a only a slightly longer walk or bike ride, I can be treated to a bamboozling beernocopia the likes of which I have only ever seen approximated when I lived in Chicoutimi, Continue reading “Beer in America”

Some support for Schumpeter

The last book I read was Joseph Schumpeter‘s Capitalism, Social, and Democracy, a book famous for coining the phrase “creative destruction” as a description of the process inherent to capitalism whereby old methods of production and commodities are incessantly obsolesced and replaced–an insight drawn, I believe, from Marx’s talk about capitalism constantly revolutionizing the means of production (compare also Deleuze and Guattari on on de/reterritorialization). Continue reading “Some support for Schumpeter”