Schwarzenegger uses Facebook

Arnold’s fan base on Facebook unleashes a torrent of <sarcasm>insightful and witty commentary</sarcasm>

It appears that Arnold Schwarzenegger (of whom I am a “fan” on Facebook, and in real life—at least, of his movies and his environmentalism) has finally started taking advantage of the Facebook fan base he has. Or, at least, someone operating in his name has begun doing so. Unlike @mayormiller, I don’t imagine Ahnold does his own web updating.

Though not much of interest has taken place so far, other than a link to a Facebook group on budget reform that was followed by a few dozen comments, at least half of which were from some jackass writing “STFU <insert name here>” to everyone who commented, I’ll be following along to see where and how things go.

As you can see from the image, the commentary is a predictable mixture of insults, half-brained criticisms, movie quotes, and spam. Go Web 2.0!!

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