Inconsolata: a nice, new (free!) monospace font

Proving that monospace fonts don’t have to suck

Inconsolata is a new, free, monospace font from Ralph Levien, maintainer of Ghostscript, which definitely proves that “monospace fonts do not have to suck.”

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Leveraging social norms to save the environment

The sacramento municipal utility gets you to conserve energy by comparing you to your neighbours.

This fascinating article form the NYT (Utilities turn their customers green, with envy) discusses how the Sacramento Municipal Utility has had great success in achieving their energy-reduction targets by informing their customers on how their energy usage stacks up against that of their neighbours.
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To LibraryThing widget users: went down, leading to issues for users of my LibraryThing widget. is currently down. This may be causing your pages with the LibraryThing Recently Reviewed widget to hang. If so, just disable the plugin from the admin interface. I’ll be introducing a caching system in the future that should prevent this sort of disturbance.

Update: LibraryThing is back online.

Improve your pagination’s usability

In short: pad your a elements liberally

A quick tip to improve the usability of your pagination: give your a elements a decent amount of padding.

We know clickability is an issue for seniors, but when it comes to the set of barely-separated-small-fonted numbers that so often comprise a website’s pagination, the increased click target area improves usability for everyone.

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IE6 CSS hacks with

A trick for tweaking the CSS of your blog for IE6.

I’ve been working on a blog for someone for which the “edit the CSS” upgrade has been purchased, and all has gone swell so far with tweaking the Kubrick theme. A couple !important declarations needed, but no big deal. That is, of course, until “make it work in IE6” time came along.

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Global survey: the importance of religion in your daily life

Turns out Canadians may be more religious than you suspected, and Americans less so.

Continuing with the theme of religion from yesterday’s post, results from Gallup’s 2007-08 State of the World – Religion Survey have been released, showing that 45% of Canadians say religion is an important part of their daily lives—a number comparable to that of New Hampshire, Taiwan, South Korea, Montegro and Switzerland.

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Can religion and science be reconciled?

Scientist Jerry Coyne argues persuasively that, in important ways, they cannot.

Jerry Coyne, in Seeing and Believing for The New Republic answer this question in the negative, examining Saving Darwin: How to be a Christian and Believe in Evolution, by Karl W. Giberson and Only A Theory: Evolution and the Battle for America’s Soul, by Kenneth R. Miller and finding both lacking in their attempts to bridge the gap between the two.

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