Jim Prentice fumbles his way through a 10-minute CBC interview

Listen to an interview with Canadian Industry Minister Jim Prentice on CBC Radio’s Search Engine, as he attempts (and I stress “attempts”) to answer some simple questions about Canada’s proposed amendments to the Copyright Act.

It’s a rather embarrassing performance, and he cuts it off abruptly 10 minutes through. While he undoubtedly is not very forthright and does a lot of ducking and weaving, some in the blogosphere are even accusing him of outright lying.

I’m not sure which part they’re referring too, though it could be when he suggests that no one would ever get hit with $20,000.00 damages for breaking copy protection on digital media (this may be a lie), or when he seems to purposefully misinterpret a question so on cell-phone unlocking so that the legislation doesn’t seem as draconian.

There are some comments worth reading at Michael Geist’s blog.

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